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NEW SMART size 6-9-12-15m²
Make your presentation smart even on the small surfaces.
For further details, please email:
NEW Smart Board
MB EVENT d.o.o. transforms your communication area into an unique experience both for you and your clients. Feel free to visit our webpage.

Mari-Frans and Moris

MB EVENT d.o.o company managers

With headquarters in Serbia, France, Russia and USA, MB EVENT d.o.o has been a presentation constructor since 1999. Well-known for the communication area projects and their realization, the company not only manages both domestic and international projects, but also offers a dependable expertise in the following areas:

Project managing, manufacturing and managing of your custom-made, personalized and portable exibition spaces
Event advertising
MB EVENT d.o.o. manages all parts of the process of building the exhibition space:
* Planning and Design Offices
* Pressrooms
* Carpentry workshops, manufacturing and installation workshops
* Architecture and design concept
* Techincal Monitoring and Planning,
* Manufacturing and Logistics
* Montage and Demontage
* Storage
* Manufacturing of portable and foldable booths
* Managing your existing trade show booth

Entrust us with your project and we will connect you with one of our commercialists with whom you will stay in touch until the key delivery.

While reachable in fewer countries, MB EVENT d.o.o. offers an unrivalled combination of attainment and cost-control.

MB EVENT d.o.o. is available 7 days a week, and 24 hours a day.

Our carpentry and installation workshops:

Your own decor realization
Installation of workshops
Three Carpentry Workshops: Serbia-France-Moscow

You are two clicks away from consulting with us


At our pressroom you can make different forms come alive starting from the smallest to the biggest formats:

* LCD lighting/duratrans (colour transparency)
* Transfer
* Canvas print
* CD
* Fabrics...

Two pressrooms: Serbia-France

You are two clicks away from consulting with us


Managing your existing constructions

You already have a contruction you want to install – just two clicks, consult with us and we will suggest a solution.